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First Look...A Forever Moment

A first look is not for every couple. It's nontraditional but there are many couples who are opting to do it. If you're considering a first look here are a few things to keep in mind.

*Time* - it is possible to save time by incorporating a first look. Taking photos before the wedding ceremony should reduce the time during cocktail hour which is allocated for photos. There will be definitely be happy guests and couples may be able to join the cocktail hour and interact with guests! BUT the day will begin much earlier and there will be time adjustments in the wedding day itinerary. Logistics will be key, brides, make sure you have a good wedding planner!

*Privacy and Intimacy* - it provides an opportunity for just the bride and groom so they are able to experience a private moment and express their emotions without the pressure of family and guests looking at them. BUT they will have photographers and possibly videographers around and this may add an element of awkwardness

*Magic* - there's going to be magic whether you have a first look before the wedding ceremony or at the altar. HOWEVER the buildup and excitement may be minimized for some if it takes place before the wedding ceremony

*Nerves* - it can minimize the nerves being felt by the bride and groom

*Tears of Joy* - a first look gives you the opportunity to cry yourself a river then you can get your make up and hair retouched before the ceremony BUT not everybody has budget flexibility and all brides want to look as fresh as possible for the ceremony and may not want to take the risk

*Weather* - if you're in a hot or even a cold climate your hair, dress, flowers may be affected negatively by the temperature and the hustle and bustle of the photo shoot BUT you may be able to take advantage of the lighting, which means great photos

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