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What to do about COVID? - Communicate - Take Action - Embrace it - Be Positive


  • Keep abreast of what is happening in Jamaica (or the area which you are having your event) as there are various restrictions which may change periodically,

  • Keep in touch with your vendors. If you have booked a vendor consult them on their covid-19 policies. If you haven’t booked as yet but are still interested in their services, then have a consultation with them regarding the way forward. Persons are hesitant to commit because of the uncertainty of the situation however if you make a deposit review the contract policies so that you are protected.

Take Action

  • Consider your options these include - a virtual wedding, an intimate wedding, a micro ceremony or a hybrid wedding,

  • Discuss new wedding dates sooner rather than later! Think about it - many couples have already decided or will decide to postpone to 2021/2022, add to that the couples that originally planned to get married in 2021/2022, add to that the couples who will get engaged in those years. We are looking at a large number of weddings with limited dates, limited availability of venues and vendors.

  • Check with airlines and travel agents regarding available flights, travel restrictions etc

  • Send a basic email to guests communicating that you will be postponing the wedding and include a general time frame. It would be best not to include the exact date at first. A follow up call would be nice for the personal touch. Other updates can be made through other mediums such as a wedding website, facebook/whatsapp group or email blasts.

  • If a venue has not been selected consider open spaces/outdoor venues (beaches, gardens, patios) and book

  • Do a run through of your guests - do you have any that belong to the high-risk groups? How will your plans affect them? How can you keep them safe?

Embrace it

The end goal is to get married to your one and only, the key is to ensure that everybody is safe. If you choose to have a physical wedding incorporate fun and creative ways to keep protected.

Be Positive

Positive Vibes! Be good to yourself and for all you believers out there keep the faith! This is a trying time for us all. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.


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